Google Cash Detective 2 Launches!

By Mike Liebner • on March 9, 2009

Hello! It’s Mike Liebner here with some exciting information!

Google Cash Detective 2 is launching today and I have a lot of info for you about it, as well as a bonus offer.

I’ll try to keep this email brief because I know you’ll be excited to go check out the all new Google Cash Detective 2, which will become available today 3/10/09 at 12 PM EST

I have a bonus I think you’ll really appreciate, so please be sure to stop by the site I created to support Google Cash Detetive for all the details. If you haven’t yet watched my video where I show you around GDC2 – you’ll find it at this link:

You’ll find links to the video I created, my bonus offer, plus links to the videos from Chris as well as the details on what you get with GCD2!

My bonus deal includes: 5,200 Keyword Optimized PLR Articles from Article Underground, 3 free private coaching sessions with me, Mike Liebner, via Skype or IM, plus membership to a small focus group of members of GCD2 – an “Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Group” – a place where we can all gather to discuss CPA Marketing, Pay Per
Click, Landing Pages, Speed PPC, Adwords and just about anything else that relates to Affiliate Marketing.

If you have ever wished you had someone you could ask a question or bounce an idea off of – this is what you really need!

It’s all part of the bonus if you buy Google Cash Detective 2 through my affiliate link.

Valid Purchase Required to Qualify for Bonus.

To get the bonus please send your receipt to me at the email listed at:

In the past I shyed away from spending money to get traffic – nowadays my mind has “opened up” and I realize that buying traffic has benefits that free traffic can’t match – they’re both good, but I need to MASTER paid traffic too!

That’s my mission right now… So the timing was right when Chris offered to let me inside to look at Google Cash Detective 2. I was in the right frame of mind and I must say – I am TOTALLY blown away by CHRIS, Google Cash Detective, the training videos are the bomb and Google Cash Detective 2 itself is like nothing I have ever seen.

I have seen all the spy tools – spyfu, keywords spy, xray, adspy pro – they all are GREAT on paper and have benefits, but they require too much INPUT and DIRECTION and have TOO MANY LIMITS (I hate limits!)

NOT SO with GCD2!

In a few words this is WHY Google Cash Detective 2 is revolutionary.

Chris built a server structure that processes 2.5 million keywords 2 times per day (at least) and keeps track of the really important stuff. I can’t imagine trying to do this!

MAN can you imagine the horsepower you need to track the ADS, LANDING PAGES and keyword data for 2.5 million keywords???

The reason this is important is because GCD2 has HISTORICAL data going back to OCT. 2008

So you can see at a glance WHO is dominating consistently for a KEYWORD or group of keywords. If they have run ads for 90 out of 91 days… you’ve got a winner. Then you analyze their ads, their keywords and well… you know… beat them at their own game!

GCD2 makes it too easy!

Now, Chris’ approach is way different than the Arbitrage Conspiracy guys – he very carefully and methodically studies a niche before he gets into it and with his approach he tries to ONE UP the guys who have been there dominating and grab his fair share of the money that is being made.

When you can see the advertisers who have been there for a long time running the same ads for the same keywords – it makes it easy to step in and grab sme of that money that is flowing to the ads! All you do is study the winners, copy and improve on what they are doing and you will soon be right up there taking in your share of the $$$

Is it unethical to spy on the competition and steal their money???

That’s not what it is – you STUDY what the winners are doing and do what they do BUT BETTER! GCD2 makes it so easy to do this! And there is a LOT of money to go around! You don’t necessarily take it away from anyone – you simnply get in on a niche that is hot!!!

Well… I can’t explain everything here – you MUST go see what Google Cash Detective does for yourself!

Visit this link:

To get my bonus and more links on GCD2 please visit the site I
created to support it:

I know you’ll learn a lot even if you just watch all the free videos
and grab Chris’ free PDF!

This is NOT a required product – but it sure is a good one!

YES it is expensive – but GCD2 is worth every penny.

It’s just a TOOL however – it does NOT do the work for you!

IF you want to be able to find niches and dominate them in PPC – Google Cash Detective is going to help you win more often!

You will have an edge over people who do not have GCD2!!!

Please watch my video if you haven’t seen it yet

You really need to see what it does!!!

Click Here NOW!


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