All New Google Cash Detective – 2 Free Videos on PPC

By Mike Liebner • on February 24, 2009

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner with a tip on a free PPC Affiliate Marketing video that you must see!

It’s a pre-launch video from Chris Carpenter of Google Cash fame showing how he launches lucrative PPC campaigns with the brand new Google Cash Detective.

The “opportunity” video runs around 26 minutes and is mesmerizing. I’ve watched it 2 times so far myself.

And – if you like what you see in that video – simply type in your name and email and Chris will give you a 2nd video running 33 minutes showing the results of what he did in the first video. It too is awesome!

Chris actually logs in to his Adwords account and Clickbank account and shows how in just 2 hours he got sales from his 25 dollar ad buy. I applaud Chris for actually showing us the WHOLE process including his accounts.

If you’re worried you may want to buy something – don’t worry YOU CAN’T – yet – Chris doesn’t have anything for sale right now – it’s all pre-launch – he’s giving away the free videos leading up to his launch on March 10th.

I will warn you though – YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO GET Google Cash Detective!

The 2 videos though are loaded with gems! I’m not just saying this, but I’ve gotten some golden nuggets from these 2 free videos that sometimes don’t come in full paid products! You must see the videos!

Hope you enjoy them! Best wishes for successful marketing!

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