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By Writing Passion • on March 24, 2009

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You are just seconds away from discovering the ONLY online power-tool that will get your web sites indexed in mere hours and will drive you to the top of the search engines quickly and effortlessly… meaning more traffic and sales for YOU.

Sure, you can go out and create products – sure you can outsource your way into a beautiful looking web site. But if you CANNOT get visitors on that site, then forget about it. Everything else was just a waste of time and money.

The stuff they’re selling you only tells you how to do the easy part. It’s the traffic that is the hard part, and if you can’t get it, then nothing else matters at all.

Luckily, with the help of this article the hard part has been solved for you and you’ll see just how easy it has become to get loads of traffic into your website!

Want to know what this is all about?

The fact is, Blog and Ping is still an excellent way to get your web sites indexed right now, even though the so called “gurus” will tell you that it no longer works.

What is blog and ping? Blog and ping is the process of creating blogs, then posting your website links to them. You then “ping” your blog to the main ping aggregator sites, and the search engine spiders will come SPRINTING to your blog. Then they’ll spider the links to your web pages and start indexing them in record time.

Its a manual process but with the help of this potent new program, this tedious chore has been completely automated for me and YOU.

With BloggerGenerator you can…

-Save precious time! Never create blogs by hand again, because BloggerGenerator will do it all for you!
-Quit worrying about getting high page rank links to your websites to get them indexed or ranking – use Blogger blogs instead.
-Watch your traffic and income explode while the programs automatically work their magic and you kick your feet back and relax…

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So How Does BloggerGenerator Help YOU?

~Create blogs EXTREMELY fast, up to 15 blogs a minute just using one instance of the program. (You can open up multiple instances of the program for faster blog creation.)
~Automatically change the Blogger template from NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW to INDEX,FOLLOW. This tells the search engine spiders to INDEX the blog and FOLLOW the links on the page. This is what really helps with getting indexed by Google.
~Automatically remove the Blogger bar at the top of every blog so no one can flag your blog as a spam blog.
~Save the Blogger blog data in text or .CSV output automatically for immediate use in BlogPoster Pro and BlogPinger Pro programs, or for any other posting and pinging software that you use.
~Create your own templates for your Blogger blogs – You can make your Blogger blogs look like any type of web site you want. You can make it a squeeze page, add your Google Adsense or affiliate links – whatever you want!
~Use a proxy to mask your IP address.
~Create Blogger Usernames from a Keyword List, this helps make your blog more keyword dense.
~Create Blogger Blogs based on a Keyword List. Just load up your keyword list and the title and domain will be randomly selected from the list!

and many many more!

BloggerGenerator is an overall excellent tool for getting your websites/blogs indexed. What are you waiting for? Get Blogger Generator Today!

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