Content Network Tool with Worst Product Name

By • on May 13, 2009

What is the Content Network Tool with Worst Product Name???

Content Bully – sorry – BUT THAT NAME SUCKS!

But hey – it’s still a cool product – there is a free version that absolutely rocks for free (limited to 10 results) and there is a pro version for ameasley 97 bucks (I just bought it myself!)

Check it out HERE

This thing is the BOMB if you want to dominate the Adwords Content Network

You do this by researching which sites for your chosen keywords have Adsense ads on them – then you decide which ones to run your ads on. This is smart!

Sure – the product name is pretty lame – but the tool does good things!


There is a free version so you can try it out. It only has 10 results but that is great fir casual research. If nothing else =- get the free download. It’s nice to have in your box o’ tools!

Targeting is KEY when it comes to creating highly profitable campaigns on Google’s content network. You can get a huge amount of clicks without any sales when you fail to properly target your campaigns.

What does Content Bully do exactly??? Read these features:

Scan and analyze the top 100 most relevant websites in my niche (per keyword) instead of only 10 that’s available in the Standard version.

Get access to advanced filtering options, such as filter results by keyword, ad availability, Alexa rank, and more.

Have the ability to show sites only from countries you want to target in order to create laser targeted content campaigns.

Export my data to as a CSV file that contains even more information for further analysis using MS Excel.
Show only the most relevant websites in my niche that displays Google ads and use these websites on my campaigns, while focusing on results.

And much more!


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