The Code Google Wish You Didn’t Have – Google Magic Formula

By Writing Passion • on February 12, 2009

When you first start, PPC seems like some kind of mysterious incantation you have to perform over an animal sacrifice. It’s almost incomprehensible.

Why didn’t your last campaign work? Why did all of your keyword research amount to squat when you turned your campaign on? Why did you get a small army of clicks, but not a single, solitary sale?!?

It’s the most frustrating thing in the world… until you unscramble the code.

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Back in WWII, the Allies had no clue what the Nazis were up to until they captured the Enigma decoding machine. Then they knew exactly what Hitler’s goons were up to… and they beat them six ways from Tuesday.

That’s exactly what PPC can be for you once you crack the Google code. And all the major search engines ape Google, so the formula works for them too. You’ll be able to bend Google to your will. You’ll show up where they don’t expect, and pick their pockets. Then your reality will be just like the Google code breakers world—where money flows in like a stream that just won’t stop, on almost complete autopilot.

But you’ll be smarter than that. You’ll know what the PPC masters know. You’ll have the secret formula that lets them skip all the frustration and start spending the cash. No more throwing your hard-earned money at clicks that don’t turn into sales. No more being jealous of the guys who are pulling in $300, $500, $1000 or more every single day while you pull your hair out to see pennies.

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It’s not a matter of being a genius, or of having thousands of dollars to flush down the PPC hole while Google keeps you in the dark. It’s about knowing what the experts know… and now you will…

Introducing The Google Magic Formula…That Google Definitely Wishes You Didn’t Have..

After wandering around in the dark with no clue why PPC was only taking money from him instead of giving Chris finally unscrambled the code.

GoogleMagicFormula tells you exactly what Chris figured out, so you don’t have to go through the pain he did (and if you’ve already experienced some pain, you can stop!)

Google won’t be able to fight you, and you can stop sending them the lion’s share of what you make from your ads. It’s time for the $100+ profit a day that you thought was a myth…

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Google Magic Formula will give you an unfair competitive advantage… and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop your profit juggernaut. PPC can be a gold mine, and Google’s AdWords program is one of best known PPC engines there is.

This isn’t a fluffy “here’s what AdWords is” ebook. It’s time to start playing the game with the big boys. That means you’ll discover…

* How to triple or quadruple your profits with simple, easy PPC campaigns that blind side Google.
* The exact blueprint for leveraging Google’s monster traffic for an income that’ll make your competitors drool… and wonder how in the world you did it.
* How to create powerful, unstoppable PPC campaigns that bring waves of cash flooding into your accounts.

For anyone doing Adwords, this is a MUST – it contains all the latest cutting edge tactics to win and massively profit from Adwords!

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