Chitika – is it any good???

By Mike Liebner • on November 17, 2009

Is Chitika any good? Does anyone really make money with their ads on their web sites???

OK… I have to admit that I have not recently tested putting Chitika ads on my pages with Adsense. So I can’t honestly say whther it will make you any money or not. But it has been brought up in many conversations and usually when I ask if the person who mentioned it is making any money with it – they say no – or not really.

So today I became curious when I found an email in my gmail spam folder from Chitika, Inc. that proclaimed:

New! Free eBook- Maximizing Revenue from AdSense & Chitika

I clicked the link and grabbed the free eBook. You’ll find the PDF linked HERE by the way (no reg required).

As I read the PDF I was interested to see a testimonial from the AskTheBuilder site that read:

“I just wanted to reach out again and tell you how pleased I am with Chitika.
The revenue has really been strong. The best part is there is no erosion of
AdSense. My biggest mistake is not listening to you sooner. That cost me
about $25,000. And you can quote me on that.”
– Tim Carter,

So I decided that as a public service I would send out an email to my Words Equal Money subscribers and post here asking you to help me find out if Chitika really does make money when placed on pages!!!

Have you ever had any success with Chitika??? If so – please be so kind as to comment below and let us know what you know about Chitika!

I’d love to find something that can easily coexist with Adsense ads and possibly even replace them!

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