Ad Blindness & The Ultimate Footer Ads

By Writing Passion • on April 23, 2009

Are you happy with your website’s conversion rate? Higher conversions mean more money…and everybody wants to make more money, right? More money to spend on yourself and your family. More money to travel to exotic climes. More money to help you live the life you want. Whatever. Let’s just agree…earning more money is a good thing.

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You see, there’s a huge, basic reason that stops your pages and ads from converting. And it’s something that affects everyone who’s spent more than about 5 minutes online in their life. The real reason for your poor conversions and super low click through rates: It’s called Ad Blindness, and every civilized human in the world has it.

You’ll see exactly how Ad Blindness is affecting your site in just a moment, but first check out how explains it:

” Ad Blindness is a term used to denote the state of conscious or subconscious ignorance of advertisements placed in a web page by visitors…”

To put it bluntly, years of watching TV, reading magazines, and surfing the web has trained your visitors to ignore your ads…That’s a fact.

Even you and even me has ad blindness too. This is because we have trained ourselves to ignore advertisements especially when reading newspapers, watching tv and surfing the net.

Your expensive banner may look awesome, but it’s hard to get the click when your visitor hasn’t even noticed it! Maybe you’ll need a new kind of advertisement. The ideal internet eyecatcher would be something that combined the glossy looks of an expensive banner with the attention-grabbing movement of a popup.

And Ultimate Footer Ad will supply it for you! UltimateFooterAds is the perfect solution for just about any site owner/blogger. It lets you create hyper effective ads at the click of a button – ads that easily slice through the Ad Blindness of your site or blog visitor.

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Here are some of the benefits that’s you’ll get from Ultimate Footer Ads:

~Overcome ad blindness in your visitors and get their attention without resorting to spammy popups, popunders, hover ads or other annoying techniques.
~Turbo-charge your click-thru rates – get more traffic to your salespages, squeezepages and affiliate offers…fast!
~Dramatically increase profitability – without any increase in your traffic.
~Get more Twitter Followers or RSS subscribers. – Place an Ultimate Footer Ad on your blog and watch your Follow and Subscription rates soar!
~Impress your visitors with the 72 pro-quality graphic templates included as a special bonus with UFA. – these are so good your visitor will assume you have custom designers and programmers on your payroll…even if you’re just a one man bedroom operation
~Grab more email subscribers – build your list quickly and easily without annoying your regular blog readers with pesky hover-overs or popups.

and many many benefits to gain from!

Also, you don’t need any technical skills to use this program. Ultimate Footer Ad is super simple to use. Plus step-by-step video tutorials and documentation are provided to help you get started.

Enjoy higher conversions now! Grab the Ultimate Footer Ads Today!

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