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By Writing Passion • on February 9, 2009

If you have already tried affiliate marketing then you’ll know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. You select your product and create a deep link for it, then write a title & description, add an image, insert your affiliate code, and create your post. Very time consuming..that’s why I recommend the Affiliate Blitzkrieg.

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Gone are the days of slogging away over the PC to create websites that no one visits, and affiliate links that never get clicked. With Affiliate Blitzkrieg you simply log onto your affiliate program, download a spreadsheet containing all of the products that you are interested in, then delete any products that you don’t want, and select the categories that you want the products to appear in. Then use Affiliateblitzkrieg to upload the spreadsheet to your website and that’s it!

In less than 30 seconds later you’ll have thousands of products on your site, each with it’s own specific product page, and with the images, affiliate links, price, and everything else exactly where it should be!

Affiliate Blitzkrieg not only does create thousands of product pages, it inserts the images, installs a “buy it now” button that goes directly to the right product on the vendors website (with your affiliate code of course!), it inserts the price, the description, the title, AND puts each and every product into the right category, all at the same time!

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With Affiliate Blitzkrieg you don’t need to rank on the first page of Google for expensive keywords! With thousands of products in your chosen niche, it doesn’t matter what your potential customers search for, you’re going to have that exact product on your website!
Even better, that specific product has it’s own product page, with a matching URL (if you use permalinks – which you should!), matching title, and matching description.

Affiliateblitzkrieg it also saves you time, reduces the effort to effectively manage your sites, and improves the SEO of your sites at the same time!

Instead of spending a couple of days managing your affiliate site, Imagine getting maybe 100 TIMES more work done in just a few minutes – you could spend your new FREE time at the golf course, actually enjoying life instead of working every minute of every day!

Imagine being able to say goodbye to expensive paid advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing!

If you use Google Adwords or other paid advertising you probably spend Hundreds of Dollars or more each & every month – with Affiliate Blitzkrieg you don’t need to!

This is one of the best value pieces of affiliate software available today. Get the affiliateblitzkrieg sofware by clicking here!

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