Adwords Placement Targeting Just Got Easier!

By Writing Passion • on July 24, 2009

OK, so it’s kind of an underground secret technique… not exactly as popular and well known as running simple PPC ads on Google Search or even advertising on the Content Network. That means Placement Intelligence is going to make a small handful of people a LOT OF MONEY! The technique of placement targeting on the Google Content Network itself is a huge money maker – but when you have a tool like Placement Inteligence that automates the process – well – you have a grand slam home run my friend!

So what is Placement Intelligence??? Ahhh…. well to start lets just say that Placement Inteligence is an app that costs 77 bucks yet it can make you many thousands back in profits… and fast too – because what it does is so simple and so stealthy you’ll have your Adwords ads up and running on TARGETED URL’s faster than you can say I NEED MORE MONEY NOW!

OK, so that’s an exagerration, but man, this simple to use tool will find you URLS that run Adsense ads on them so you can quickly set them up in Adwords Placement Targeting along with TRACKING IDS so you will know EXACTLY which URLS your ads ran on made you conversions! That’s awesome man! You can see the SPECIFIC URL that made you cash and you can see the ones that MADE YOU NOTHING! This is the key to unlocking a massive storm of profits!

OK… so you may already know of some other tools ut there that do this kind of stuff… I have them too… but Placement Intelligence is far better and does more of the stuff that is important. You can gather keywords and such and do all kinds of cool stuff.

I highly suggest you go and look at the video for Placement Intelligence  as it is 13 minutes of GOLD! The advice you will find there alone can help you gain a perspective on a new and little known way to pull in cash from Adwords. Placement Intelligence  not only automates the process of finding pages that get traffic for your keywords, but they also show you specifically how to cash in! They show all the steps and in fact have some great extras you get in addition to the software… OK… I better stop – I need to go and start reeling in some fish with Placement Intelligence  myself! I just bought it and gotta start usng it!

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