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By Writing Passion • on April 23, 2009

Here is another unique kind of advertisement that will pull a lot of traffic to your website. AdSpurt is a self hosted php program that allows you to run hover ads.

Check how it works here!

Hover ads like this are in-line with the text on your pages, they are more noticeable than ads found in the sidebar. And from a tests over a 3 month period, hover ads are 6 times more likely to be clicked on than any other kind of ad.

In-line ads are difficult to filter out as they appear right there in front of you while you’re reading. You have to look at them. Compared to sidebar ads or many regular style ads found in the sidebar or at the top or bottom of pages are largely invisible if you’ve used the internet for more than 6 months.

What AdSpurt can do for you:

~Built into your copy of AdSpurt is the ability to get feeds from ClickBank* (CB) and PayDotCom* (PDC) any time you like.

~A couple of clicks, a few moments, and your database is updated.

~You can then search the database looking for products to suit your content.

Its that easy.

One advantage of AdSpurt to other advertisement like Adsense is that you get all the revenues. If you’re monetising your site by AdSense or Yahoo Search Marketing, then the general opinion is that you’re getting approximately 60% of the revenue generated by clicks on those ads. No-one knows for sure and it may be substantially less. With AdSpurt, because you’re selecting the ads and you’re hosting them, then you get every penny of the revenue generated from the affiliate sales you make.

Isn’t it great? You can know more about AdSpurt here.

AdSpurt as a direct replacement for contextual style advertising, but you can also use it as well as AdSense on your sites if you wish to. A word of caution if you do this – they may interfere with the effectivity of the amount of clicks you’d achieve via AdSpurt.

So if I were you, I’m going to purchase AdSpurt right away. Grab a copy now!

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Even if you have absolutely no experience or
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