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By Mike Liebner • on November 20, 2008

OK… I’m so excited about this – I’m going to do something I have never done before…

I am going to BRIBE you with a FREE BONUS gift of 200 AU PLR articles for simply LOOKING at a web page.

OK, well, you don’t have to actually look at the web page if you don’t want to – you can just grab the free gift zip – but I highly suggest you look at the web page which is without question the BEST sales letter I have ever seen!

Those are some BIG words I realize – but the idea and product are so amazing I wish I had thought of it and done this myself – it’s among the most clever things I have seen!

So, what about the gift with the free PLR articles???

The timing for this gift zip with 200 high quality keyword optimized articles is perfect! I hand picked articles that you can put on your web sites NOW to give visitors what they are looking for!

100 of the articles are written for “Christmas keywords” and 100 of them are written for “gift” keywords!

You can see the 200 file names and grab the free gift zip here.

I’m sure you can put a lot of these articles to good use! Go get ‘em – they’re free – BUT only if you promise to try to look at the web page for the fire sale!

You don’t have to buy a thing to get the BONUS zip!

If you’re like me – you study what other marketers are doing. This whole concept and the sales page are so good I really think you should see it and study it!

I’m warning you though… IF YOU DO NOT want to get sucked in to spending 97 bucks – DO NOT GO TO THIS WEB PAGE!!!

It’s that good!

Have you ever seen a sales page that is 128 pages long???

It needs to be, because it lists details of all the products included which all totaled add up to over $9,700. in full retail sales prices. These are all current products too – not some lame garbage – in fact there are products in there I have recently bought for more than the 97 bucks this costs right now (the price goes up before it’s taken off the market on Dec. 12th)!

It’s the largest package of top notch products I have ever seen in a 97 dollar firesale! It’s nuts!

So please – go grab the free AU Gift Zip with 200 PLR articles and be sure to look at the fire sale page for the most amazing product I have ever seen!

Gift Zip


Wishing you happy holidays and the all the success you desire! Mike Liebner

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By Mel Magbanua on March 12th, 2013 at 7:08 am

Thanks for the information and Free PLR articles.

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