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By Mike Liebner • on December 15, 2008

If you’ve been thinking about investing in the Arbitrage Conspiracy which launched last week, you may want to make a move as they just announced the doors to the training class open today (Monday 12/10/08) with the release of their pre-course training materials and that they expect to reach their limit that they can comfortably train and will be closing the doors very soon.

The doors to the training class open TODAY with materials to review and get acquainted with! The 12 weeks of training courses start in January 2009. So make sure you get in now to start on time!

To find out more about Arbitrage Conspiracy please visit:

Just to bring you up to speed – Arbitrage Conspiracy is a 12 week training course that focuses on converting CPA Offers (acquiring leads) into COMMISSIONS. While simple in principal, successful “arbitrage” has a lot of nuances and technical hurdles which can make ramping up to the $50,000. to $100,000. per day earnings that Aymen, the guy who is doing this,  a major accomplishment. It’s not easy to do and very few people have scaled it up as high as the trainer from this course.

That’s why this training is very appealing to me – because it takes the experience and techniques that a major success story has learned and teaches it to us in a 12 week training course.

Sure – lots of people ar emaking hundreds and thousands a day – but how many can verify they are earning over $50,000 per day in net commissions???

Arbitrage Conspiracy has the proof! If anyone can teach us it’s Aymen!

I’ll find the features of the 12 week training course and paste them below – but to sum up the product – to me it’s an opportunity to get close and learn from a person and team that has mastered using PPC and cheap advertising sources to convert a huge volume of leads into commissions. Very few people who do this are willing to share HOW they do it. While there is a healthy debate going online about WHY he would give away his secrets – I believe Aymen is doing it because he wants to start his own CPA network and that he can benefit from the leverage of having students that can TURN on the traffic and make money for his clients. Think about it – if Aymen is starting his own gig and has an army of people ready to send leads – don’t you think he can make a huge amount of dough??? AND at that point – he can sit back and watch US pull in th eleads while he collects his share!

So – it makes perfect sense to me WHY he is willing to share his knowledge!

Arbitrage Conspiracy

OK – I better run and get the 12 week traing course features and paste them here – I know a lot of people are so distracted by the endorsement videos on the sales page they never see what the course will be teaching over the 12 weeks!

Week  #1 – Mining Golden Nuggets & Quickstart 101

We introduce you to the Arbitrage Blueprint . This gives you an “open walkthrough” of the strategies you’ll use to repeatedly create or “Crank” new campaigns that will give you affiliate commissions day after day.

We will teach you how to “Mine” offers that are more likely to be the golden nuggets rather than the losers.

You’ll quickly understand the power of the formula and why it’ll lead to monstrous commission checks piling up on your doorstep week after week for months or even years to come.

Plus we will show you the essential research methods and secret tools we use to identify them.

We will get into how to smartly deal with affiliate managers to increase profit margins

We will show you how to do market research the right way and the power of reverse engineering.

 Week  #2 – The Fast Tracker Module 

The second week explains the formula in more detail and reveals exactly where to start and the fastest and most effective way to take action by implementing the real down and dirty “nuts and bolts” of the system.

You’ll discover how the tutorials are broken down into precise sequences to fast-track your success.

We will show you 7 simple “engagement rules” for offer selection that will skyrocket your chances of finding the golden offer.  (This could make a difference of finding a $50/day campaign vs. $5000/day campaign)

We’ll also cover the important of knowing your:

Payouts (what is good / bad and proper negotiation techniques.

Types of traffic (what to watch out for)

Types of offers (lower payouts vs. higher payouts) and where to begin

 Week 3 – Traffic & Keyword Intelligence Module
In week 3 we reveal the secrets to combine your golden nuggets with an abundance of quality traffic that will turn into cash for you!

These secrets will give you an instant edge over other affiliates in any niche and we’ll show you how to take full advantage and crush the competition in whatever traffic or keywords that they are competing against you.

Miss this and you’ll unwittingly doom yourself to failure before you’ve even started!

We will hand over to you “8 Keyword Pyramid Strategies” that less than 1% of elite marketers know of to exploit.
We’ll also reveal MANY free tools you can use to easily generate hundreds and thousands of targeted keywords that converts.

Without QUALITY traffic, no one can cash in on the golden offers.

Master these simple yet powerful traffic and keyword intelligence strategiesand you’re on your way to cashing in.

We’ll show you secrets only the top 5% know…

To cap it off, you’ll receive a “no BS” exposé of how to snap up targeted RARE keywords that are already receiving quality traffic allowing you a nice headstart!

 Week  #4 – Campaign Cranking Module

This is where you get lots of FUN!

We cover mass cranking techniques allowing you to get hundreds of campaigns going!

We will get into random offer selection that will give you results! After all, we’re here to MAKE MONEY, not just to crank. We need to crank, ramp and bank! (See below).

If you do this cranking method the wrong way, you will find yourself having sleepless nights without much results.

But simply follow the easy steps laid out in this model and you’re set to start finding offer after offer that will make you money!

Being privy to these classified methods will mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for you.

 Week  #5 – Website and Landing Page Strategies

Whether you want to use a website or not to promote your offers, we’ll uncover both ways of marketing and monetizing either methods just the way you like it.

Website or No Website, doesn’t matter.

You will also get details on basic and advanced landing page optimization strategies to make sure your landing page converts at its best potential.

Employing these strategies can help increase your conversion rates up to 30-50%! Which means more profits for you to take home.

We’ll show you how to avoid the one mistake that swats newbie’s like house fliesand spill the beans on a little known method regarding landing pages that allows you to do what most think can’t be done!

 Week  #6 – Pro League Testing Module

In week 6 you’ll discover the 9 essential elements that you can test to double or triple your profits!

We’ll also give you the best tools available for testing your campaigns, automating some of these startegies so you have more time to work on your campaigns to increase your profits, or simply spend some quality time with your family.

Remember, we want to do this right and give ourselves a good affiliate lifestyle, meaning more free time for us to do what we want to do.

No more working 40-50 hour weeks!

And high end Google Analytics inner workings that you don’t want to miss! 

 Week  #7 – Tracking On The Fly Module

Week 7 outlines the next stage of the formula which discloses a several simple tricks that’ll allow you to create top secret tracking that will make all the difference!

Discover how to cloak all of your valuable and profitable keywords at a click of a few buttons instead of doing the manual labor.

We will also dive into top secret tracking tools that are SUPER powerful and we’ll
reveal 3 major secrets that will increase conversions overnight…

And a few more surprises…  

 Week  #8 – Conversion Secrets

 It’s all about conversion!

We’ll unmask a potent strategy we use to decrease your “cost per conversion”  to reduce your spending and increase your earnings.

We’ll also show you an ‘”idiot proof” strategy to reduce bids and escalate conversions simultaneously, as well as a free tool that ALWAYS proves to be the “missing piece of the puzzle” for struggling affiliates.

 Week  #9 – Campaign Ramping Blueprint 

You do not want to miss this week as we show you step by step how you can ramp up your profitable campaigns from $100/day into $1,000/day, and then even $10,000/day if you do this right.

We will reveal to you the 7 easy steps for you to follow so that you make sure you’re not missing out on any chances from ramping up on any of your profitable camaigns.

If you want to play in the pro league, you must learn to apply the WHOLE formula. Not just cranking, not just ramping…it’s the whole system.

We will also give you a simlple checklist to make sure you’re not missing out on this gold opportunity to ramp up your campaigns.

 Week  #10 – Outsourcing & Building a Allstar Team

Week 10 is where the money really gets crazy as we talk about building you own team!

Once you have made profits, you want to reinvest your money in increasing MORE profits.

And one of the ways to do that is building the RIGHT team that will bring you even MORE profits.

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between an affiliate who generates a few hundred dollars a day and one who rakes in thousands, then this is it!

Take it to the next level!

 Week  #11 – Quality Score & Domination Strategy 

In week 11 you’ll get the keys to making the search engines to LOVE you by taking full advantage of several instant tactics that’ll fire you to the next level.

We have learned stuff simply NO one else knows, and this is when we share it with you.

Also high level strategy here is key – once you are making BIG money you need to know how to manage the business…

Also, you will learn which tools to use to AUTOMATE all of these processes.

We will show you exactly what to do.

 Week  #12 – Banking & Beyond!

In the final week we explain what can go wrong and how to fix it fast to maintain your traffic and profits.

We’ll talk about cash flow management.

Don’t overlook this portion. This can make or BREAK your business if you don’t do it right.

You’ll also learn more about creating the best partnerships, business structures, click fraud…

And all the essentials to keep you successful business moving forward!

To find out more about Arbitrage Conspiracy please visit:

Arbitrage Email – here is the copy of teh email they sent me today.

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