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By Mike Liebner • on December 10, 2008

Arbitrage Conspiracy is about getting traffic cheap and passing them along to CPA Offers. The advertising can be from any of a number of sources – not just Google Adwords!

Traffic could come from Adware – PPV – PPC – Contextual – Cheap Traffic!

So what exactly is Arbitrage Conspiracy???

I’ll do my best to tell you!!! It launches today 12/10/08 at 11:45 AM PST

I could not sleep… it happens every once in a while when I get excited about something and have all kinds of “breakthrough” ideas rolling around in my head…

The sun is rising here on the west coast as I write this. I got up about 3 hours early today because I am really excited after listening to a mastermind call last night and my brain is going to explode from all the ideas I had as I was laying awake in bed.

So I got up at 6 AM so I could be among the first in line to get the early bird specials for Arbitrage Conspiracy which launches today at 11:45 AM EST (note – they changed EST to PST so launch is 3 hours later than they advrtised).

The Arbitrage Conspiracy training course will most likely be very expensive but I am obligated to share this info with you.

UPDATE > They changed the EST to PST which means it will launch on Dec. 10, 2008 at 11:45 AM PST – not EST as they have in their EARLY BIRD EMAIL they sent me.

The key concept to realize here is that traffic is the key. When you find out HOW to get traffic for free or cheap – then all you need to do is convert traffic to (fill in the blank). What’s unique abouy what Aymen is doing is that he sends his traffic to CPA offers instead of selling his own products or acting as an affiliate (it works with that too).

CPA is unique in that it’s easier to get a lead for a vendor. They’ll pay for zip codes, emails and trials and all kinds of things – NOT – sale based like typical Affiliate Programs.

If you need a crash course on CPA and Affiliate Marketing – please watch my Missing Link video – it shows you where the money comes from.

To find out more about Arbitrage Conspiracy please visit:

Also consider visiting my personal blog for more on Arbitrage Conspiracy:

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